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Nin - Poljica - Plot for construction - sale

ID: 467-1
Plot for construction , sale
114.720,00 €
100.000,00 € 744.334,00 kn
Total area: 2.868,00 m²
City Area
34,87 €
Total area
2.868,00 m²
Agency commission
3% + VAT
Coefficient of construction (%)

The land is located in Poljica, a small town in the Zadar hinterland, 10 km from Zadar and 8 km from Nin.
Rectangular and practically straight, without tilt. The path leading to the land stretches across the entire length so that it is possible to create more objects, and that everyone has independent access.


A small town Nin is situated about 15 km north-west from Zadar. Its nucleus is located on the small island only 500 m in diameter which is land-connected with two small stone bridges. Nin is surraunded from the north, west and south sides by long and shallow sandy beaches of about 800 m in length., while on the east side there are salt-fields of the Saltern Nin. The town is as old as Zadar, over 3000 years, and in its famous history it was first political, religious and cultural center of medieval Croatia. Nin is also the oldest Croatian royal town, and permanent or temporary capital of Croatian national rulers. Today Nin is a modern tourist and cultural destination that is visited by tourists due to its extremely preserved nature and cultural heritage, clean environment and modern tourist resorts with appartments and the auto-camp Zaton Holiday Resort.


Queens Beach

The first Croatian king Tomislav, after the coronation ceremony in 925 AD , came in Nin to rest. While staying in Nin the Queen used to go for a walk on the sandy beach in a quiet lagoons where there was healing mud. As recommended by her advisors she used to cover her skin by that black mud, and
after a few days her skin would shine in new splendor. She loved that beach the most of all the beaches in the country. One day the king, who was very rarely with her on the beach, accompanied her whole afternoon. On that occasion in romantic mood he told her:“This place will be only yours when we come to Nin, this is paradise on the earth and this is your beach.“ Since then the queens courtiers called that beach the Queens Beach. Each time when the Queen was staying in Nin common people would not go to that beautiful sandy beach. That information has been carried by a tradition till present time, and the name Queens Beach can be found in the written sources.

Other information

  • Distance from city centre:
    500 m
  • Distance from the sea:
    3500 m

Property description

  • Access:
    Car, Truck, Van

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