Real estate brokerage
Riba Ltd. (a limited liability company) acts as a broker when buying, renting or exchanging takes place between two parties. We perform all the actions for the presentation of the real estate on the market in order to connect the buyer and seller, respectively in order to perform the brokerage service. It is considered that the agency performed basic brokerage services when it enables the seller or buyer to tour the property or when they arrange a meeting between the buyer and the seller for negotiation of a sales contract.

Selling of real estate is often an extremely difficult decision to make and a large number of clients are not familiar with the bargaining processes. Our experience in this business will help you go through this stage in life easier and simpler.

For real estate owners, respectively for sellers, Riba Ltd. does the following:

  • Viewing and photographing the property
  • Assessment of the property, that is, opinion on the market value of the real estate
  • Introducing the seller to all legal obligations
  • Control of all the documentation, in case of any deficiencies, we warn the seller and advise them how to correct the real estate documentation
  • Presentation of the property on the website of the agency, as well as on other web portals in Croatia and abroad
  • We try to find a client/buyer for the real estate in the shortest possible time

Buying of real estate is a decision that is extremely important for the future, whether it is real estate that will become your future home or property that you will only use occasionally or for vacationing. For you, as the buyer, this is an extremely complex process, and as a broker, for us, it is a great challenge. However, with our experience we will surely and safely accompany you throughout the process. We will help you select your new property according to your desires, needs and capabilities. After making the actual decision, it is important for us to know the financial framework that we will be working with so that we know what location suits you as well as the size and type of the real estate property. Using these criteria, we will recommend properties that may suit you and help you make your decision as well as leading you through the entire process of the actual purchasing.

For clients looking for real estate property, that is, for buyers, Riba Ltd. does the following:

  • We offer a large selection of all types of real estate on the agency website and on specialized web portals
  • We will find real estate that meet your requirements and budget
  • We present real estate in our office
  • We introduce you to all legal obligations which you have as a real estate buyer
  • We take clients to the actual real estate so that they can see it for themselves
  • In cooperation with lawyers, we provide legal services and security
  • For buyers of land, we provide geodetic and design services and we participate in all preparation processes as well as in the construction process itself
  • For house buyers, we provide services of companies that specialize in cleaning and maintenance of real estate as well as garden maintenance.